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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Arizonans Rally to Keep Cruelty Code Intact

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey exercised his first veto in office last night, and with a stroke of his pen, he nixed a misguided and dangerous bill that would have bifurcated the state’s anti-cruelty statute—creating one set of rules for companion animals and another, weaker, one for farm animals and horses.


As I wrote last week, this power grab by Big Ag also would have taken away local control from municipalities and badly complicated efforts by whistleblowers to expose abuse on factory farms.

Gov. Ducey’s powerful veto message underscores the public concern for animal cruelty and the importance of including all animals in our social values and legal framework.

He wrote:

I know we all agree that animal cruelty is inexcusable, unacceptable and absolutely will not be tolerated in the state of Arizona. No animal should be the victim of abuse. Moreover, perpetrators must be held to account and properly penalized to the fullest extent of the law.

While the sponsors and supporters of this bill are well-intentioned, when changing state laws relating to the safety and well-being of animals, we must ensure that all animals are protected, and mindful that increasing protections for one class of animals does not inadvertently undercut protections for another.

The Humane Society Legislative Fund had endorsed Ducey in the Republican primary race, largely because of his positive statements and pledges on animal welfare and enforcement.

He published a policy statement during the campaign noting, “I do not support exemptions in our anti-cruelty codes for any class of domesticated animals. No animal should be the victim of unspeakable cruelty.”

Here’s a politician who stood by his campaign promises—taking on Big Ag with his action.The Arizona legislature’s sop to the factory farming industry, carving out exemptions for some classes of animals, was in direct contradiction to the governor’s position statement.

We are extremely grateful to Gov. Ducey for standing firm on this issue and ensuring that all animals, including those raised for food, continue to be afforded legal protections in the Grand Canyon State.

It’s also a testament to the importance of citizen action and constituent communications. Arizona Republic political reporter Yvonne Wingett Sanchez tweeted last night:

.@dougducey's office received 19,251 constituent contacts on animal cruelty bill. Of those 19,248 were against it; three were supportive.

That’s an incredible outpouring from citizens who care about the humane treatment of animals. Your calls, letters, and emails do make a difference.

It’s a big public policy win for animals in Arizona, but in the broader sense, it illustrates the importance of animal advocates being involved in the political process, taking action as citizen lobbyists, and organizing a grassroots political force at the local, state, and federal levels.


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