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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cruelty to Donkeys, Fleecing of Taxpayers

There is more fallout today from the Michigan wolf hunt scandal, in which lawmakers and state officials spread fabricated stories about wolf incidents, even as most of the depredation on livestock occurred at one farm that left cattle carcasses out to attract wolves. That farmer has now been charged with animal cruelty for allegedly allowing two “guard donkeys,” paid for by taxpayers, to starve to death.

According to an MLive story by reporter John Barnes published today, Upper Peninsula farmer John Koski “is accused of neglecting two donkeys provided by the state that died. A third was removed from the farm because of ill health, officials said. The misdemeanor charge is punishable by up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine.”

WolfAdditionally, the report notes, “Koski has collected nearly $33,000 in cattle-loss compensation from the state for that same period, more than all other farmers combined. The donkeys cost an additional $1,650 total. A $1,316 electric fence provided by the state to protect cows while calving also disappeared...”

State officials have apologized for their false statements that led to the opening of the wolf hunt, and they acknowledge that Koski’s poor management practices have accounted for more than 60 percent of all wolf depredation of livestock in Michigan. Yet they stubbornly continue to argue that the wolf hunt should continue—with at least 20 wolves already killed this year—and they continue to try to carry off an end-run around Michigan voters just to get their way.

There are fewer than 700 wolves in Michigan, and they are just beginning to recover from the brink of extinction. It’s already legal to kill problem wolves in the rare instances when livestock or pets are threatened. And most of the wolf incidents—those not made up out of whole cloth—have occurred on a single property, where the negligent owner pocketed tens of thousands of dollars, refused to use fencing provided by the state, left dead cattle unburied to draw the predators to a free meal, and now has been charged with animal cruelty for allegedly starving animals to death.

The state legislature made a mistake in authorizing this cruel and unnecessary wolf hunt. And when more than 250,000 Michigan voters signed petitions to put the wolf hunting issue on the ballot, the legislature passed a second law to override the people. They wrongly gave the power to seven, unelected members of the Natural Resources Commission, who are political appointees and not experts. They are not accountable to the voters and their decisions cannot be challenged.

The cruelty charges filed against Koski provide one more example of why Michigan’s wolf hunt is based on a pack of lies. The politicians and state officials apparently cannot be trusted, but the voters can. Join Keep Michigan Wolves Protected to help set things right and stop this abuse of power.  


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