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Monday, April 08, 2013

Ke$ha’s Year of the Animal

Members of Congress return today from a two-week recess, and they have a message waiting for them from global pop icon and dedicated animal advocate Ke$ha. The mega-star was in the nation’s capital recently, and she recorded a video calling on Congress to make animal protection a top priority. You can watch Ke$ha’s video here.

In 2013, lawmakers will consider a number of important animal protection issues, such as making it a crime to attend and bring children to dogfights and cockfights, phasing out the use of chimpanzees in invasive experiments, addressing the criminal abuse of Tennessee walking horses, and improving the treatment of egg-laying hens. Some bills have already been introduced this year—to crack down on animal fighting, puppy mills, and horse slaughter—and others are expected to be introduced soon.

Ke$ha receives The HSUS's Wyler Award.
Tim Long/Long Photography

Just two weeks ago, Ke$ha received The HSUS’s Wyler Award in Beverly Hills for her work to raise awareness of animal protection concerns. As Humane Society International’s first Global Ambassador for animals, Ke$ha has spread the word about street dogs, the trophy hunting of endangered lions, shark-finning, Canada’s commercial seal slaughter, dogfighting and cruelty-free cosmetics, highlighting a different animal issue each month on her website and urging her massive fan base and social media following to take action for animals. Now she is urging Congress to enact strong policies against cruelty and abuse, as one more example of her raising her voice for animals.

You can join Ke$ha and help make 2013 the year of the animal. Take action and contact your members of Congress today.



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