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Monday, October 25, 2010

MUTTS for Prop B

The readers of more than 700 newspapers in 20 countries this weekend were given a special treat with their Sunday comics: Patrick McDonnell’s popular MUTTS strip is spreading the word about Missouri’s puppy mills and calling on readers to take action to save dogs. With just over a week until Missouri voters decide on Proposition B, which will stop puppy mill abuses by establishing common-sense standards for the care of dogs, it’s the perfect time for this dog protection message.

Mutts Cartoon - Missouri Puppy Mill

MUTTS © 2010 Patrick McDonnell

Several newspapers in the nation’s top puppy mill state—St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Columbia Tribune, Jefferson City News Post, Joplin Globe, St. Joseph News-Press, Poplar Bluff Daily American Republic, Park Hills Daily Journal, Monett Times, and Sedalia Democrat—carry MUTTS, and I wanted to share Sunday’s comic with blog readers as well. MUTTS will run a full week of comic strips addressing the problem of dogs confined in large-scale puppy mills.

“Missouri is famously known as the ‘Show-Me’ state.” said McDonnell. “By voting YES on Prop B, and encouraging their friends and family to do the same, my Missouri readers can show the world that the way we treat our animals matters. This expression of kindness will go a long way to making the cruel puppy mill industry a thing of the past.”

MUTTS has covered a number of critical animal protection issues over the years, including the conservation of tigers and sharks, shelter pet adoption, and the protection of farm animals. Sunday’s strip features a dog who was rescued from a Missouri puppy mill, and is now dancing for joy at no longer being crammed into a small and filthy cage.
You can send an e-card featuring the comic to your friends and family in Missouri, urging them to help stop cruelty to puppy mill dogs by voting YES on Prop B. Election day is just eight days away, and you can join MUTTS in spreading the word this week.


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