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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Talk Back: “Crush” Videos, Protecting Missouri’s Dogs, and the “Little” Guys

Here’s a selection of comments that have come into the blog lately. I recently wrote about the efforts to end cruel animal “crush” videos. The U.S. House Judiciary Committee passed a bill by Reps. Elton Gallegly, R-Calif., and Gary Peters, D-Mich., to crack down on traffickers of these videos of extreme animal cruelty. Many of you are angry about these sick videos, too:

Thank you for being brave enough to bring this topic to light. Before reading this post, I had NO clue how sick and twisted some people are when it comes to animal cruelty. Your post was informative, factual, compelling, and eye opening. Thank you. Good luck to all fighting the battle to end cruelty on all levels.—John M.

While citizens have the right to freedom of speech, explicit videos that expose animal crushing and all other kinds of animal cruelty are disturbing and offensive. Redistributing such vile videos for a profit should not be allowed.—Wendy F.

It is well known and proven that this kind of behavior can often lead…to human abuse.  Why is it even considered a valid form of free speech? It isn't. Inflicting pain and suffering upon another living creature, human or not, is definitely a perverted form of expression of any kind. Ban it.—Michael R.

This bill must pass, if we are to consider ourselves a civilized nation. We cannot allow these demented depraved evil people to entertain each other using vile videos depicting unconscionable acts of cruelty to animals. I support the bill 100%.—Mrs. Saldivar

If you are as concerned as these readers, please ask your U.S. Senators to support legislation aimed at cracking down on depraved animal “crush” videos.

I also wrote about the Truth in Fur Labeling Act, which would close a loophole in the nearly 60-year-old federal fur labeling law that allows many fur-trimmed jackets and other apparel to be sold without labels:

Thank you, sir, for being a voice to those who have no voice. These are God's creations and deserve to be treated as such. Thank you again.—Roxann E.

And I told you about Small Angels Rescue, an organization working to promote small animal care and adoption:

Great article, or should I say interview. Angela seems to be the genuine caregiver when it comes to the "small guys." Great work! Keep it up. Any animal deserves its day in the sun. Thanks again. Hope there is more to come.—Brian

It is amazing and heartwarming to know that there are many shelters for small animals like hamsters, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs all around the world. I agree that there is no need to purchase a hamster from a pet shop. There are plenty of them up for adoption.—Rachel, the Hamster Lover

Finally, I also told you about efforts underway in Missouri to crack down on abusive puppy mills and hopefully turn around the Show Me State’s reputation as the puppy mill capital of America:

A lot of time people are very discouraged when legislative efforts fall short. Though success is very important, we can't lose with these ballot measures because they force people to think about a subject that many would prefer to ignore.—Stephen K.

Thank you all for submitting these comments, and, as always, please keep the feedback coming. If you have a question or comment and would like to join the conversation, please send me an email. Thanks for all you do for animals.


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