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Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog Favorites So Far in 2010

I’m always curious about which blog posts resonate most with you—the readers. Traffic to my blog is a good indicator of what subjects are top of mind for animal advocates. So, below, I list the top ten most popular blog posts so far for the first half of 2010. In first place (by a mile) is my January blog on the release of our 2009 Humane Scorecard. Many of you want to know where your legislators stand on key animal protection issues—and our annual report card is a great place to start. My take on a major cockfighting raid earlier this year in Texas, and the lawmaker who derailed legislation to upgrade the state’s anti-cockfighting law, came in second, followed by my post on Animal Planet’s airing of the 24th Genesis Awards, an uplifting celebration of the people in the news and entertainment industries who use their extraordinary talents to advance animal issues.

You’ve enjoyed the Q&A interviews with advocates who are making a difference for animals, such as Angela Moxley of Small Angels Rescue and Sarah Baeckler of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, as well as hearing what other blog readers had to say in the “Talk Back” entry. The critical public policy issues for animal protection in Congress caught your attention, whether it’s our work to promote the development of alternatives to animal testing, crack down on the brutal practice of shark finning, or strengthen penalties for the killing of federally protected raptors. Finally, rounding out the list is my post about the extraordinary benefits of factory farming reforms—for both animals and rural communities.

  1. Hot Off the Press: The 2009 Humane Scorecard
  2. A Taste for Cruelty
  3. Watch The Genesis Awards this Weekend
  4. A Pathway to End Animal Testing
  5. Even the Smallest Creatures
  6. Talk Back: Greyhounds, Puppies and Acts of Kindness
  7. The Lucky Seven: Q&A with Sarah Baeckler
  8. Increasing Penalties for Killing Protected Birds
  9. The Finning Must End
  10. How Farm Animal Reforms Also Benefit Residents


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