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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Talk Back: Dogfighting, Toxic Lead Shot, and Animal Cruelty

Today I’d like to share some of your comments to recent blog posts. I recently wrote about Michael Vick working to steer at-risk youth away from dogfighting:

Nobody despised Michael Vick more than myself but HSUS is making a smart move by allowing him to speak on what he has learned (hopefully) in the dogfighting business. The younger generation who is involved in this “form of activity” will pay more attention to what a famous athlete has to say than to anyone else. Someone who has been there, done that, but discovered the cruelty in it. Better late than never.—Pam N.

The mourning dove hunting season has now begun in many states, and even though there are plenty of nontoxic alternatives, many hunters will spew toxic lead shot and ammunition into our environment:

What an excellent blog. It is only reasonable that if hunters must slaughter these little birds, they can, at the very least, do it in a less polluting way than spewing lead all over the environment. I can’t see how anyone can possibly object to that, although it doesn’t surprise me that the NRA does. They think any legislation at all, even the most reasonable kind that even hunters agree with, is an attack on their precious (and totally outdated) second amendment. Thanks for the info.—BanWolfHunting

I grew up with hunters and fishers, who participate in a better sort of conservation and knowledge of natural resources than most folks. So, it’s great to see the Humane Society helping to make the connection between how hunting can be harmful to the environment, and the reasons why. The lead-based ammo is something I don’t know if many people consider.—Ginevra

In response to a recent blog regarding the major U.S. Supreme Court case to determine whether to uphold a federal law that bans the commercial sale of videos depicting illegal acts of animal cruelty:

Some human behavior is so sick and twisted, so aberrant and dangerous, that there can be no question but that it should be outlawed and severe penalties imposed on those who commit such heinous acts. There simply is no excuse for allowing anyone to inflict such abuse on any sentient creature. Reading this makes me feel ashamed to be considered a part of any culture that allows such unthinkable acts to continue!—VR

Thank you all for your comments, and please keep the feedback coming. If you have a question or comment and would like to join the conversation, please send me an email. Thanks for all you do for animals!


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