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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Talk Back: Wildlife Abuse, Fur and Turtle Safety

Today I’d like to share some of your responses to past blog posts. I recently wrote about the Sportsmanship in Hunting Act, which would ban the remote shooting of live animals over the Internet and the trophy shooting of exotic mammals held captive inside fenced enclosures:

I am sickened to read that people actually consider it a sport to shoot and kill an animal that is held captive in a pen. How could a person take pleasure and pride in killing something they were too lazy to chase? I'm also shocked at the cowardice and cruelty of those who use remote-controlled weapons for sport. This is just not acceptable.—Leigh

The polar bear was recently listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. But Rep. Don Young (R-AK) has introduced a pair of bills that would undermine this listing and allow for the importation of sport-hunted polar trophies from Canada:

What are the names of the bills introduced by Congressman Don Young, regarding allowing polar bear trophy hunters to bring bear parts into the US? All HSLF members need to know so we can contact our own Congress reps.—Susan

Thanks for writing, Susan. It's important for legislators to hear from constituents who want to make a difference for animals. I encourage all readers to contact their U.S. Representative to urge opposition to these bills.

The Lake Jackson Ecopassage, a community-based project in Florida, would help turtles and other animals cross a busy and deadly stretch of U.S. Highway 27 in Tallahassee:

It's a nice change to see someone actually report the facts. Why does the media keep parroting Coburn's misinformation? Finally, we have someone who accurately reports about the project. Kudos to you - let's hope the rest of the media will actually do some leg work and report what the project is really about. After all, there's a reason the ecopassage has 13 million supporters. It's a great project! Read more by going to the project's web site.—Bob

We've also received feedback in response to yesterday's posting on the approval of the fur labeling bill in New Jersey:

Great news. I live in NJ and noticed this practice is flagrant. I brought the false advertising to the attention of the salesperson when I was shopping at Chicos. She was very reasonable and agreed to pass along my complaint.—Georgette

Thank you all for submitting these comments, and please keep the feedback coming. If you have a question or comment and would like to join the conversation, please send me an email. Thanks for all you do for animals.


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