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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Talk Back: Wildlife Abuse, Dogfighting and New Books to Check Out

Today I’d like to share some of your responses to past blog posts. I recently wrote about the National Rifle Association’s defense of poaching and its efforts to derail anti-poaching legislation in Pennsylvania:

I like this tough release, putting us on the side of law enforcement, game rangers & "responsible" hunters & NRA on the side of criminals.—Lew

Congress took a step backwards for animals when it approved a provision attached to the credit card reform bill, which would allow visitors to national parks to carry loaded weapons. A rule that struck a nerve with many blog readers:

What a sad state of affairs when we allow concealed handguns in our national parks. As stated, there is already a big problem with poaching, and now this! Where has all the common sense gone?—Karomy H.

The HSUS recently expanded its End Dogfighting campaign, which began in Chicago in 2006, to Atlanta and Los Angeles. The official kickoff event, “Casino Royale: Playing for Change,” was held on May 9th in Hollywood:

Thanks for reminding me and everyone else of this program—it doesn't get enough play, so I investigated the Chicago program, shot several street video interviews in the training center's Austin neighborhood with the "boots on the ground" people: Tio, Anthony and Antonio Pickett, Sean Moore, the reformed dog fighter, and did a phone interview with the trainer, Jeff Jenkins. I put it on my blog, as well as in my column. It is good to highlight positive programs that are having success—so often the news on Pits is pretty bleak!—Mary H.

We also received feedback on the recent Q&A’s with AdVocacy Guru, Stephanie Vance, and Marilyn Greenwald, author of the new biography “Cleveland Amory: Media Curmudgeon and Animal Rights Crusader.”

In response to Vance’s new book, “Citizens in Action: A Guide to Lobbying and Influencing Government”:

I enjoyed this book very much. Communicating (just trying to stay informed about) even "local" government can be frustrating and intimidating. I often think that aspect of "the system" is intentional! It's useful to have a source such as this one, which can be used as a sort of virtual "cheerleading" squad to encourage you in your advocacy efforts.—Peter

In response to Greenwald’s critical biography:

Thanks for pointing this book out - I had not known about his animal rights background as I'm fairly new to the formal world of animal activism. I'm picking this up this weekend.—Frank

Thank you all for submitting these comments, and please keep the feedback coming. If you have a question or comment and would like to join the conversation, please send me an email. Thanks for all you do for animals.


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